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Different pack sizes are available to protect and care for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, splashbacks & more

Frequently Asked Questions


How to apply EnduroShield®?

You can apply it with no experience. Each pack contains everything you need including cleaner and polishing pad.

Simply clean the tile & grout with the pre-treatment cleaner included, apply the EnduroShield protective layer, wait for it to dry and you're covered for 3 years!

How does EnduroShield work?

The invisible coating works by lining the tiny hills and valleys on the surface it's applied to. The result is an invisible coating that repels water, grime and even oil based stains to make cleaning super easy!

What is the best way to clean tile & grout once they have been treated with EnduroShield®?

To keep your tiles and grout looking new, clean each week using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent to remove any soap scum, dirt or grime from the tiled surface. 

Will the coating crack, peel or discolor over time?

No the coating is only 2 molecules thick and is transparent. It will not crack or discolor over time. It is not like a lacquer or varnish.

Can EnduroShield be applied over tiles that have already been sealed with a product?

No, the product needs to be applied to untreated tiles and grout in order to bond with the surface. Please ensure that no existing sealer remains before applying EnduroShield.

Can EnduroShield be applied to floor tiles?

Yes, testing has shown that the coating will not make the surface slippery. As the tile is sealed, and protected from water soaking into the surface, the water beads, and the conditions that cause slipperiness are reduced. Abrasion will limit the durability of the coating in high traffic areas.

"It means that I don't clean our tiles anywhere near as often and when we do it's so much easier and faster. I can't believe it took us so long to find out about this!"

She is fastidious in her housework.

“My wife cannot speak highly enough about the benefits gained from the products which were also very easy to apply at the outset. She is fastidious in her housework. We would recommend the use of this application to anyone without hesitation."

H. Hutchins

Absolutely recommend this product!

"Absolutely recommend this product! Easy to use and saves so much time since it's been applied. My showers look the way they did when they were new."


Great product, and does what it says

"Just moved into a new home & so grateful to treat the tiles behind my stove with EnduroShield Tile & Grout Treatment. Best thing ever for protecting my tiles from all the cooking splatters. Just a light wipe after cooking & they sparkle again."

Sandy G